Authority Site Backlinks

Angela & Paul Super Juicy Backlinks


40 Authority Profile Links

  • 40 Super Quality Angela and Paul Profiles will be built 100% Manually.
  • Angela and Paul Backlinks are Extremely Effective for a Major Push in the Rankings due to the High Quality and PR of the Links.
  • Single Username and Password will be Created for All Profiles.
  • You Can Also Send me Your Forum List as well (this is optional).
  • Standard Report is Received upon Completion with Website Links.
  • Client Delivery is within 3 Days.

You Must Provide:
1 Website URL
1 Keyword
1 Website Description (optional) and 1 Forum List (optional)

Supreme Authority Backlink Pyramid


Most Popular!

3,300 Link Pyramid

  • High Authority 3,300 Backlink Pyramid will be Created to Give you a Massive Boost in the SERPS
  • Each Layer Builds Authority for the Next Layer which Finally Ends at your Site.
  • Layer 1 Consists of 300 backlinks and then further Backlinks are Created in Layer 1 with Layer 2 of 3000 backlinks. Layer 2 Promotes Layer 1 Backlinks which End up Providing your Overall Site with Massive Juice Flow.
  • Perfect to Prevent Sandboxing Yet at the Same Time Give you a Genuine Surge in your Rankings.
  • Client Delivery is within 8 Days.

You Must Provide:
1 Website URL
At least 3 Keywords (Max of 5)

Awesome Backlink Pyramid


2 Tier Authority Pyramid

  • Awesome 2 Tier Pyramid which is Specifically Designed to Boost your Rankings.
  • First Tier is Profile Backlinks from High Authority Sites with a PR on the Main Homepage PR of 4+
  • Second Tier is Directory Links in large amounts and a Minimum of 50 Links to Each Link from Tier 1.
  • Links are Checked with Scrapebox to make sure Everything is 100% complete.
  • Client Delivery is within 4 Days.

You Must Provide:
1 Website URL
1 Keyword


Why Authority Matters

Search engines can tell the difference between a site with valuable content and a site with little value. You want to build backlinks to sites that the search engines respect. These are called authority sites; they have tons of content and high PR.

Imagine getting links from sites that have a PR of 4 or more! Think about what that would do for you in the results pages! Authority links can be hard to find yourself, but we can do it for you. Take some time to look at our authority backlink packages and you’ll see how powerful they really are.

Every Package Comes With
  1. At Least the Number of Links Included in the Package you Select
  2. 100% Money Back – No Questions Asked – 30 Day Guarantee


Our Other Authority Backlink Packages


Alexa Ranking Boost with 70 Authority Backlinks


  • 70 Very High PR Authority Backlinks Designed to Increase your Alexa Ranking.
  • High Authority Valuation Sites with a Root Domain PR of between 6-8.
  • Designed purely to Boost Alexa Rankings rather than overall SEO.
  • Standard Report will be received upon completion.
  • Client Delivery is within 2 Days.

You Must Provide:
1 Website URL
1 Keyword (optional as this is more about increasing your Alexa ranking)

40 Angela Edwards Authority Backlinks


  • Famous Link Building Technique because of the Blistering Power of the Links.
  • Powerful Links are Created from Web 2.0 Sites.
  • Account will be Created from these Authority Web 2.0 Sites with Links to your Site from your Public Profile URL.
  • Site Link will not show in the page with PR5 – PR9 but this is a Wonderful Way to Get Quality Backlinks from Authority Sites.
  • Client Delivery is within 2 Days.

You Must Provide:
At least 1 Website URL (up to 3)
At least 1 Keyword (up to 3)