When will I Start to see Results?

Since we do not control the search engines, we can’t really guarantee a time frame for your results. There are a number of factors that can affect the length of time that it will take to see results – the competition for your keyword, the popularity of the niche and the quality/age of your own website just to name a few.

Sometimes results can be seen within hours and sometimes it may take a few days or weeks. It really depends on what kind of results you are looking for. You might see your site rise a few spots in the SERPs overnight. But, to achieve a top spot, it can take longer. No one can offer you a perfect SEO solution guaranteed to shoot you to #1. But we believe that our services are about as close as you can get.

What Packages do you Recommend for my Website(s)?

Different websites face different challenges and need different solutions. There is no cookie-cutter answer that will work for every website. Anyone that tells you different is just trying to get you to buy something that you might not need.

If you’re not sure what packages your site needs, just ask me and I will be glad to help you out. You can use the Contact Form to get in touch with me. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

What is the Google Dance?

The Google Dance refers to the way that your site may seem to ‘dance’ around the SERPs as Google finds the right place for it. One day, your site may be at #9 for your keyword, then up to #2 the next day and down to #14 the next. It’s really quite random movement. This can happen to any site at any time, but it frequently happens to new sites that have not been in Google for very long.

Eventually, the dance will end and your site will stop moving up and down. Then, the power of the backlinks that you have built will really start to take effect – moving you up and up and up!

What is the Difference between No-Follow and Do-Follow Backlinks?

A ‘no-follow’ link is a link that search engines do not click-through while a ‘do-follow’ link is one that they will. If a no-follow link points to your website, human visitors that click on the link will be taken to your site, but search engines will ignore it. On the other hand, both visitors and search engines will be able to click-through a do-follow link.

Due to this, a no-follow link does little to help your SEO. They are still backlinks, because they point back to your site, but they will not directly affect your rankings. Although, it is always recommended that you use a number of no-follow in your backlinking plan to help your backlinks seem natural. If a search engine sees that your site only has do-follow links pointing to it, it will raise a red flag and you might be penalised!

Are your Backlinks all of High Quality?

We strive to bring you links of high quality and value. However, it is up to you to judge the value of any one type of link. For instance, some believe that forum profile links are better than blog comment links. This is something that you have to decide for yourself.

Keep in mind that while we try to use only links that will positively affect your rankings, our SEO packages range in value and quality – that’s why some of them are more expensive!

Do you Offer Services apart from Link Building and SEO?

Yes, we certainly do!

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING relating to Improving Your Online Presence for the Long Term. The Best thing to do? Just ask us and more than likely we can help!

Give me some Examples of other Services you can Offer my Business?

In addition to our core SEO Services we also Offer:

  • Keyword Research – All your ‘Money Words’ found with our A-Z 360 degree Approach.
  • Social Media Packages – Custom Backgrounds, Landing Pages, Installation/Setup and Full Integration with your Website.
  • SEO Press Releases – Creation and Distribution of Press Release via appropriate channels.
  • SEO Site Audits – ‘Bigger Picture’ is assessed here. Lays out what must be done to get more Traffic Organically.
  • List Building/Landing Pages – The ‘Money’ will always be in the List. Setup and Installation to get your Business new leads every day on Total ‘Auto-Pilot.’
  • Web Design – Customized to your Business. Tailored to your Budget.
  • Web Development – Everything to do with getting your Website Built from the ground up.
  • Web Hosting – Cheap, Affordable and 100% Reliable.
  • Membership Sites – Customization, Installation and Setup.
  • Amazon E-Commerce Sites – Fully Integrate your website with Amazon . One of the Most Trusted Brands in the World!

So if you need help with ANYTHING at all relating to Improving Your Online Business Presence – again the Best thing to do is JUST ASK US!